Working from home as a Mum

January 9, 2019News, Tips

What a blessing! Erm… well, yes and no! Ok so I just wanted to let you all know about the studio that I have moved into. As most of you are aware, I was working from home and my photography equipment was taking over the house. Props, props, beautiful newborn and children’s photography props! (You … Read More

What is newborn photography?

March 12, 2018Newborn
So many people ask me... What is newborn photography? Another fad? Something else new parents ‘must-do’... to add on to the ever elongating list. Well for some maybe, however, of all the things that you should do with your baby, for me, this really is at the top of the list. I remember when I [...]

Jacob’s Newborn Photoshoot

November 11, 2017Newborn
Jacob It was such a pleasure to photograph Jacob at his newborn photo shoot. The gorgeous blonde haired and blue eyed little boy was so gorgeous and totally well behaved, he slept throughout his session. I was completely honoured to be contacted by his Mummy who was from one of my dear school friends from [...]

Henry & Ruby

November 4, 2017Newborn
Henry & Ruby My first newborn twin photo shoot - and wowzers, they totally spoiled me! Born at just 33 weeks, these gorgeous twins, were 8 weeks old when I photographed them and still tiny babies, but so super strong. As a Mummy of twins myself I know how fantastically tough premature babies are. The [...]

Christmas All Wrapped Up

October 17, 2017Christmas
Christmas and gifting Here at Hooha, I have been investing in Christmas photography props and they have been arriving thick and fast these past few weeks in anticipation of creating some fabulous memories with lots of photographs of Children ready for this Christmas. As I toiled over what to buy it got me thinking a [...]

Steady Eddie

October 15, 2017Newborn
Eddie Eddie was a little bit camera shy at first and only wanted cuddles with his Mummy (who can blame him eh?), but after a while he settled into the shoot and was absolutely gorgeous, so cute and loved the little bear bonnet. I always work around how the newborn babies are feeling and never [...]


October 4, 2017Newborn
Lola-Anne During Lola-Anne’s newborn photo shoot, we nicknamed her the little wriggler, you would never know it though as her photographs are so contented and gorgeous. She really loved getting all snuggly in the little bed with blankets, and on the fluff in the basket. Her whole shoot was full of amazing photographs... I could [...]