Newborn Poppy

August 25, 2017Newborn
Poppy The adorable Poppy is the newest member of the family and has two older brothers to protect her. She was exactly one week new when I photographed her and initially took a little bit of encouragement to go to sleep. It was totally worth the wait as her newborn photographs are completely gorgeous. More [...]

Smashing Cakes with Flopsy Pops and Willow Bear

August 13, 2017Cake Smash
Happy Birthday .... Flossy and Willow you are 1 ... lets splat, roll, stamp, throw and maybe even eat some cake... it’s cake smash time!! Not to mention a bubble bath too with oodles of bubbles. Florence was the more outgoing of the two and went straight for the cake and Willow wasn’t far behind. [...]