So this week had a few surprises in store… not least of all being invited to talk on BBC Radio Sheffield all about our campaign to help Mum’s to feel confident breastfeeding in Sheffield, and everywhere else – Normalise Normal.

Together with Stylish Mum, we’ve been trying to support and promote breastfeeding in Sheffield via our campaign Normalise Normal. As breastfeeding Mum’s ourselves (read my story here,) we understand how daunting breastfeeding can be – especially when in public, and we felt we could do something positive to help.

Normalise Normal

So we set about publicising our ideas through our social media including Facebook and Instagram and were so lucky to get such fabulous Momma and bubba volunteers – who were happy to have some gorgeous photographs taken of those precious breastfeeding moments. From my time breastfeeding my four little people, I still regret that I don’t have any beautiful breastfeeding photographs of myself. I have lots of wonky mobile ones as I really wanted to capture those moments of closeness however, I never quite found the time to have some professional photos taken.

So as a thank you to our volunteers I gave each of the lovely Mummy’s some free photographs as a thank you for being involved in the campaign and we then shared these on social media and on leaflets. As a way of showing new Mum’s that breastfeeding in public is possible and ok and hopefully giving them the confidence to do so too. The more Mum’s that feed their babies out and about the quicker we can get back to breastfeeding being openly accepted for the totally normal act that it is.

To read more about Normalise Normal read my blog all about the launch and where it all came from.

BBC Radio Sheffield

Then this week we got invited on Toby Foster’s breakfast show on BBC Radio Sheffield to talk about our campaign and breastfeeding in  Sheffield while out and about. Which is totally fantastic as all exposure on breastfeeding and making it acceptable as well as being accessible is the goal – and empowering Mum’s to feel this way. So I was up super early – even before my little ones and creeping round the house trying to get ready with the stealth of a ninja – I am pleased to report I didn’t even wake up Kitty – our cat!

We arrived at BBC Radio Sheffield at 7:10am and were super excited and equally nervous – I’ve never been on Radio before. But we had a great time and it was lovely meeting Toby Foster. We chatted live on air about breastfeeding in Sheffield and how important it is for Mums to feel empowered enough to do so, and we hope that there were some new Mum’s listening and it helped them to feel more confident about breastfeeding their babies in public.

You can listen to our interview here: and the main part is at 21:44.

Get Involved

Breastfeeding in Sheffield and in public, in general, is so important and makes life so much easier for Mum’s rather than having to run around trying to find a breastfeeding room. Over the coming months, we will be developing our campaign further and we are always looking for more of you lovely Mummy’s to get involved. If you would like more information or to get involved, please follow this link and just fill in the form. Or if you would like to book your very own breastfeeding photo shoot … contact me here.

Top Tips for appearing on Radio:

So my lasting top tips for anyone going on the radio for the first time are:

  1. Speak slowly (Tricky for me as I live with 4 tiny humans so have to speak quickly when I am given a window)
  2. Stay Calm
  3. Arrive in plenty of time (Easy when you are up before the sun and without little people in tow!)
  4. Don’t ramble (I am master of rambling / going off onto new topics and going into far too much detail so this was tough for me!)
  5. Enjoy it! You aren’t on the radio every day – so enjoy every moment.

Emma xx

BBC Radio Sheffield building


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