Steady Eddie

October 15, 2017Newborn
Eddie Eddie was a little bit camera shy at first and only wanted cuddles with his Mummy (who can blame him eh?), but after a while he settled into the shoot and was absolutely gorgeous, so cute and loved the little bear bonnet. I always work around how the newborn babies are feeling and never [...]


October 4, 2017Newborn
Lola-Anne During Lola-Anne’s newborn photo shoot, we nicknamed her the little wriggler, you would never know it though as her photographs are so contented and gorgeous. She really loved getting all snuggly in the little bed with blankets, and on the fluff in the basket. Her whole shoot was full of amazing photographs... I could [...]

Christmas with Daisy

September 21, 2017Christmas
Christmas with Daisy What a totally gorgeous little girl, and so full of character. It was my absolute pleasure photographing her and watching her personality flourish in all of her photographs was amazing. This little girl is a super model in the making and absolutely adorable. We were all laughing and having a great time [...]

Newborn Poppy

August 25, 2017Newborn
Poppy The adorable Poppy is the newest member of the family and has two older brothers to protect her. She was exactly one week new when I photographed her and initially took a little bit of encouragement to go to sleep. It was totally worth the wait as her newborn photographs are completely gorgeous. More [...]

Smashing Cakes with Flopsy Pops and Willow Bear

August 13, 2017Cake Smash
Happy Birthday .... Flossy and Willow you are 1 ... lets splat, roll, stamp, throw and maybe even eat some cake... it’s cake smash time!! Not to mention a bubble bath too with oodles of bubbles. Florence was the more outgoing of the two and went straight for the cake and Willow wasn’t far behind. [...]

Fun in the garden

July 29, 2017News, Out & About
Megan (18 months), Eleanor (5), Dylan (5), Connor (3) What a beautiful family, and we had so much fun in the shoot. I joined the family for an outdoor shoot in the garden. We had running, jumping, climbing, scooting and a whole lot of Hooha meaning we got some fantastic shots, that the family will [...]

Happy Harriet

July 19, 2017Newborn, News
Harriet had the most beautiful strawberry blonde hair and amazing colouring. She could have rocked any colour and pulled it off like a true supermodel. I loved the stripy leggings and matching bow, especially against the aqua background. Although she was just as beautiful in the more neutral tones, in a bonnet and some fluff. [...]

Thomas Cute and Cosy

July 19, 2017Newborn, News
Thomas had such an expressive face for a tiny newborn and a beautiful skin tone. Such a gorgeous little boy, who loved a hat... woolly and warm. Although was totally adorable and cosy in a little grey fluffy wrap as well. He came in with Mum and Dad who were both gorgeous as well. See [...]

Little Evie

July 4, 2017Newborn, News
Evie made every picture beautiful and dainty. She was 14 days old and the most peaceful baby I have ever had the pleasure to photograph. She slept throughout the whole shoot and was happy in every single pose... I could have photographed her all day. She surprised Mum and Dad and arrived a little [...]

Bright Eyes

July 1, 2017Newborn, News
Little Hunter was just over 14 days old for her photos and she wanted to be awake... but hey with eyes like those can you blame her? Beautiful. The first baby to proud Dad’s Adam and Mark, Hunter was so settled even though she was awake and we got some gorgeous shots. She looked amazing [...]