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So this is the year when I get organised… I say… again! With 4 children, a home to run and a business, every year I promise myself I will be more organised than the last. Well after the most frantic of Christmases meaning we didn’t get our tree up til a few days before the big day, and still buying presents late into December and wrapping them almost the night before too… I have really, really, super promised myself that… THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT!

I am getting to an age now where I am reading a lot about getting to a certain age and how to be on top of hormones and stress, and have a happier, better managed life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for flying by the seat of my pants too, but for the main part, this is just not conducive to holding a household together with 4 little people, a husband and a cat, so for the main part, I need to be more organised and quickly. I’m going to do a further blog being mid-thirties and all the bits of information I am gathering, but for this blog, I just want to share with you some things to do in 2020 with your little ones, which you may find useful.

We are now half way through January and I have made a start. I am trying to plan things better, set myself strict limits with regards to presents, make sure I don’t miss things that would be good for my family to do, especially those which are cheap!

I have begun by looking up what is happening, over the year in and around South Yorkshire, throughout the year and marked them down in my diary.

It’s tough for us as we have an almost 11 year old, 5 year old, (who is ‘going on’ 25) and twins who are regular three year olds. So finding activities suitable for all of them, and what they will all find fun, entertaining and without breaking the bank can be very tricky.


Rotherham Civic Pantomimie - great day out with the kids - Hooha Photography


But so far this year I have booked a handful of things, including the pantomime at Rotherham Civic theatre. We go to the Rotherham panto every year, as it is really funny and costs us less than £100 for all 6 of us, which is no mean feat for a pantomime. I also promised myself last year when I literally woke up in a cold sweat mid-November, frantically reaching for my phone to find last minute tickets… that … yes, you guessed it. This year is going to be different. So it is booked, for Christmas time this year already, and we have our tickets to see Aladdin!

Next I saw something pop up on Facebook which looked good at the Sheffield Cathedral called a Journey through Space, my children love space, all of them, so this was going to be a winner and something a bit different. It runs from 13th March – 20th March and is definitely worth a look, and only cost us, just over £25 for all 6 of us.

My next stop was a look on the English Heritage website, we are English Heritage members, and it is really great value for us, for around £8 per month we have a family pass, so we can all visit the English Heritage sites for free, there are sometimes extra charges for activities, but they are generally minimal and well worth it. In the school holidays, we get to go to so many fantastic places, all for just the price of petrol as we generally take a picnic, and it really helps to keep the cost of days out to a minimum. Yet we have loads of fun!


Night time lights at Brodsworth Hall - Hooha Photography


A favourite place of ours is Brodsworth Hall, who do some fantastic trails for the kids, and it is safe for them to run free and explore, as there are no cars past the car park. Scarborough castle is another great one and we have split the day there before, half the day round the castle and half the day on the beach – and what a lovely beach it is in Scarborough!


Scarborough Castle - Things to do with the kids - Hooha photography


This year I am planning a family trip to Whitby Abbey, as I’ve not been since I was tiny myself and I think the kids would love it!

Then we were gifted a National Trust Pass this year by my husband’s parents, so my next stop was having a look what was going on with those sites around Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster, as well as Yorkshire in general.

I think our first stop will be Wentworth Castle which has been re-opened and is now under the National Trust. The last time we went was just before it closed the last time, and our twins were not even a glint in our eyes! But our now 5 year old loved it, and I remember her exploring with awe, what she deemed, ‘a real princess castle Mummy!’

Then there are more rural places such as Hardcastle Crags, and East Riddlesden Hall, which both look like great places to explore, and all for free with National Trust member cards.

Next there are all our family favourites, local parks such as Clifton Park in Rotherham, Rivelin Valley and Millhouses Park in Sheffield, which all have fantastic water areas in summer. Sherwood Pines which has a great Gruffalo walk for little ones, and a high ropes type activity for older kids – which do have extra charges.


Kids day out at Anglers Country Park - Room on a Broom Trail - Hooha Photography


Along the same lines there is the Room on a Broom trail at the Anglers Country Park in Wakefield, which we have done twice now, and once over the Christmas holidays which was lovely to get out and have a good walk. It is all flat and pram and toddler leg friendly. We had a lovely afternoon and all for the price of parking.

So that’s how far I’ve got so far, what do your family have planned in so far? Please feel free to leave a comment with some of your family favourites, as we love going to new places, especially those that don’t cost a fortune…

Happy New Year to you all, and I hope you have a really great 2020, full of lovely moments with your little people and minimal rushing around and stressing.


Happy New Year from Hooha Photography Rotherham

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