So many people ask me… What is newborn photography? Another fad? Something else new parents ‘must-do’… to add on to the ever elongating list.

Well for some maybe, however, of all the things that you should do with your baby, for me, this really is at the top of the list.

I remember when I had my first baby … almost 10 years ago now – Wow, where did that time go?! That feeling of pure joy and being totally overwhelmed with love, and emotion however, equally that feeling of never having enough time. The door constantly going with yet another visitor. It’s one of the things I always make sure I mention to friends now when they announce they are about to be parents. You need to get used to the feeling that never again will there be enough hours in a day… for anything… ever! This is NORMAL! The feeling of being totally overwhelmed by keeping on top of normal life while at the same time suddenly having a whole other little tiny human to keep alive, it can be all-consuming at times.

Which is why when new Mum’s come to see me with their gorgeous newborn babies, I am always amazed at their composure, and how amazing they look – particularly to say they have given birth only days previously and probably not slept for more than 30 minutes at any point since then.

Mum’s and Dad’s you are incredible… You have just given birth and had no sleep, not stopped hosting visiting relatives who just want to see the baby and yet you manage to come for a newborn baby photo shoot. This is one of the very reasons why it is so important, to get out of your house, and away from your friends and relatives and sit… just sit, with a hot coffee or tea and look at your beautiful baby. This may be the only time you have actually had, just the three of you without visitors, or trying to clean up the house, cook and eat dinner not to mention sleep. Once you are here for your babies shoot, you can relax, enjoy hot fluids again and let me take care of the rest, and for a few hours, just be Mum, Dad and baby… A family and enjoy it.

Yes of course on the back of this lovely one-off experience you will, of course, get the most precious newborn photographs of a moment in time where your baby was so tiny and squishy and before he or she was all stretched out. However, equally as important is the experience that new parents will remember forever, where the world stopped and for those few precious hours, and it was just Mum, Dad and their perfect newborn baby and it was all about them being together xx


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