Hooha Photography Studio, Rotherham

Welcome to Hooha Photography, and my beautiful studio. As a Mum of 4 myself I know how important it is to feel completely comfortable when venturing out with your newborn baby, particularly in those first few weeks after birth, and so I just wanted to try and put my customers at total ease, before you even venture through your front door.

My studio is totally tailored for babies and children, it is safe and secure and super clean. I have everything you could need from a kettle, to changing mat, wipes, cotton wool, and of course caffeine by the bucket load, for all of you sleep deprived Mums and Dads. For those of you who are breastfeeding I am even stocked up with decaf tea, and a fridge for any snacks you may want to keep fresh.

I really wanted my studio to be a home from home environment, which has everything you need, to make sure you have the best possible experience. I’ve even got colouring books for older children, to keep them entertained, and wifi.

My Studio is lovely and clean, with every different colour blanket, and wrap for newborns, wooden toys and balloons for older children. Baskets, buckets, little beds, I have absolutely everything to make sure your photographs are tailored and completely suit you and your family. Everything from our first contact, right through to handing over your photographs is all about you, and capturing this moment in time perfectly for your family.

To try and give you a better idea of what to expect, I’ve put together a little introductory video of a newborn photoshoot. Which also shows you around my little studio too, and means you know what to expect when you come for your photoshoot.

FAQ, Tips & Information

If you are like me, you want all the information possible before you come for your photoshoot, so here I have put together the answers for some of the most common questions that I get asked, and some of my top tips to ensure your photographs are as perfect as possible.

  • When should I book my newborn photoshoot?

I always advise booking during your pregnancy, this ensures I am not booked up when your little one arrives and also means we can have discussed all of your requirements, styling and colours before you are utterly tired out with a brand new bubba. It’s one less thing to have to do once the baby arrives, and you can just get super excited about it. If you have already had your baby, I will always try and fit you in, but I really hate turning people away, so the earlier you book the better.


  • Do I have to choose the package and pay upfront, before my photoshoot?

No. You only choose and pay for your package at your viewing appointment, which happens a week or so after your photoshoot. I just take a £50 deposit to secure your booking which is then deducted off of the package cost.


  • Do you choose all of the colours of blankets and props used in my photoshoot?

No. Once you have made your booking, I will give you a quick call on the phone to talk through the colours and styling for your photoshoot. We will discuss what colours you would and wouldn’t like, style, and which photographs you love which you have seen of mine. This allows me to put together a set of photographs totally perfect and unique to you.


  • How long does a newborn photoshoot take?

I always say allow up to 4 hours, as I will totally work around your baby. So if he or she wants to feed we will stop and feed, or a cuddle we will do whatever your baby needs to do to feel settled. I only ever book one newborn photoshoot in a day and I will not rush with your little person. This is all about capturing this most important of moments perfectly, so nothing is ever rushed or forced.


  • Do you include parent photographs in a newborn photoshoot?

Yes absolutely. I want to capture this moment with everyone in the picture. I do all of the newborn photographs first, in the little beds and on the beanbag, and then I include photographs with parents and siblings at the end.

  • For my cake smash, do I need to bring a cake?

No. As with all of my photoshoots, once you have made your booking, I will give you a quick call on the phone to talk through the colours and styling for your photoshoot. I will match the balloons and decorations with the cake, which I have made by my specialist cake lady. If your little one has any dietary requirements, just let me know and we can work within his or her needs. If you particularly want to bring your own cake that is fine, just let me know at the time of booking.


  • Could we do a fruit smash instead of using a cake?



  • Does the cake smash include a bath too?

Yes. After your little one has ‘smashed’ the cake up sufficiently, I will get the bathtub out and we will get the  bubbles flying around and capture him or her playing in the bath. Lots of big beautiful eyes of wonder type photographs, which are incredible.


  • Is the baby posing safe?

Yes. I practice all safe baby handling and posing techniques. If your little one is uncomfortable in any pose, due to wind etc, I never force a pose, I will work around your baby to find a different pose which he or she is more comfortable with. I am also a member of BANPAS, who support safely working with babies.


  • My baby has flakey skin, will that affect my photographs.?

I always edit out flakey skin, and anything your baby will grow out of, so that they are utter perfection. However, I make sure they still look like babies, and not dolls.


  • Can I bring other family members, like siblings to my newborn photoshoot?

Absolutely … I try and encourage parents to bring older siblings, and pets too if you would like, I want to get everyone in the photographs.

  • Do you photograph dogs?

Yes I will photograph dogs and cats, no problem.


  • What should we wear for a family photoshoot?

I suggest families stick to denim on the bottom half, as it never goes out of fashion, so jeans, denim skirts, denim dresses. Then neutral tones on tops, so avoid black and white but, creams, greys, browns, light blues and greens are perfect. A good tip is to lie the clothes you are thinking of next to one another before you come, and if anything jumps out at you swap it for something more in keeping with everyone else’s clothing. Try to avoid anything with characters on it as this will really date your photographs and we want them totally timeless, so you can happily look at them forever.


  • Does your studio have disabled access?

Yes. My studio is at ground level and has a ramp to come inside, so it is perfect for people in wheelchairs and of course buggies!


  • Where do I park

There are lots of public car parks within a few minutes walk from my studio, the closest two are Drummond Street (S65 1EZ). Drummond Street has some bays painted in red, which allow for 2 hours free parking, but you still need a ticket from the machine. Or there is Forge Island (S60 1QE).


  • Do you offer payment plans?

Some parents like to pay for their photoshoot in full before they come for their photoshoot, on a monthly basis which is absolutely fine. Or you can pay 50% of your total order at your viewing followed by 25% the month after and the final 25% after that.

As an endnote, I just wanted to mention that as a Mum myself, I know how daunting taking your little ones out can be. Particularly to a photography studio, and the pressure of wanting them to behave, and everything to go smoothly, and I just wanted to say, don’t worry, you will come and get the most amazing photographs of you and your family. I will work around all of your family’s individual needs to ensure this, and I have seen just about every tantrum, and been weed, pooped and vomited on more times than I can remember.

It’s fine. Do not worry.

Your experience and photographs will be lovely and utterly gorgeous.

Emma xx