Normalise Normal is a campaign that is all about empowering breastfeeding Mum’s to feel comfortable breastfeeding in public. Both myself and Sarah (Stylish Mum) are just two ‘normal’ Mum’s from Sheffield with 7 children between us, (I know!) who have basically been through every breastfeeding trial and tribulation. Throughout our breastfeeding journeys we discovered one thing – that everyone struggles at some point with some aspect or even multiple aspects of breastfeeding. It isn’t easy – and that is NORMAL.

We feel like this isn’t something that is widely known – especially by first time Mum’s. When pregnant and thinking about breastfeeding, you know its going to hurt a bit to start with, but just expect it all to fall into place within a few days (as it’s natural – right?!). Sarah and I both know that is not the case for most Mum’s – BUT… You do get there in the end – you just have to persevere and it IS worth it.

It just can have really tough moments, which can be compounded by the fact that you feel completely alone – and that it is only you who is struggling. – (You aren’t and it isn’t!)

I have now come to the end of my breastfeeding journey (4 children down the line – including twins! Click here for my blog all about my breastfeeding journey.) And 4 children down, and I still feel as passionately as ever about breastfeeding and I really wanted to do something to help breastfeeding Mums. (By the way I mixed fed all of my children breastfed and bottle fed- and I am an advocate for that too.)

I know one of the issues that does effect so many of us is breastfeeding in public – and this can be a reason why some Mums either stop breastfeeding, or don’t even start in the first place.

Sarah and I felt that this was an area where we could really do something to help.

So over summer, we put together a group of amazing breastfeeding Mums who were happy to feed their little people out and about in Sheffield, (Peace Gardens, Sheffield Town Hall, City Hall) and we took some beautiful photographs and Normalise Normal campaign was born.

We have since shared them online, (#normalisenormal on Insta and you will see all of the beautiful Momma’s or my Facebook page) and in print to support all of you breastfeeding Mums out there to feel more confident to do the same. We will be developing the campaign over the coming months and are always keen to hear your breastfeeding stories, and always looking for volunteers… So please drop us a line below. And don’t forget to use the tag #nomalisenormal on Instagram when feeding your little people …

Together we can take some of the sting out of breastfeeding in public!

Autumn / Winter Normalise Normal campaign photographs – coming soon…

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