Photography Services Available from Hooha

Hooha photography specialises in those special photos, the ones just before baby is born and those precious few years that follow. People say “they grow up SO fast” and they are right but with these special photos you’ll have memories that you can treasure for life.

Below are all the different services that are on offer. Click the links for a full rundown of each option which includes all the different prices and galleries to show you what kind of photos you can expect.

Newborn Photoshoot

newborn baby in a nest

Photographed within the first 21 days of your baby’s birth. A newborn photoshoot will capture your baby at their tiniest. We will get the most beautiful squishy photos of tiny toes and little rolls all with beautiful props, styled with colours to suit you.

Older Newborn

older newborn baby girl in black and white

For babies over 21 days new, I offer older newborn photoshoots. We will get such a beautiful gallery full of tiny toes, big eyes and even big bright proper smiles are possible as your little one is that bit older. We will still use wraps and blankets, and even little props, all styled totally to suit you.

Sitter Photoshoots

Baby Sitter photoshoot by Hooha Photography

Once your baby is a little bigger and can sit on their own you can really get to see their personality coming through. This important milestone is a beautiful age to capture on film.

Cake smash Photoshoots

baby boy with red balloon cake smash

How do you celebrate being one year old? With a huge cake that you can dive into of course! First they get messy then cleaned up. What a great day!

Yummy mummy

Maternity Photoshoot South Yorkshire - Pregnant mother on a bed

Pregnancy is a special time of its own, full of ups and downs. So much attention is on the baby but it is also good to celebrate the mum to be as well.

Children & Family Photoshoots

A family having photo taken

Nothing is more important than family. Getting pictures of little ones on their own is great but its even better when the wider family gets in on the fun as well.

Outdoor Photography

Kids photographed in the woods

There isn’t anything more naturally beautiful than nature and photos of your little ones outside just makes the pictures even more special. The outdoors are the best studio in the world.

Christmas / Party Photography

little girl at christmas

Christmas! There’s no other time of year like it and kids at Christmas is the perfect combination. Let us capture the magic of you and your family celebrating.

Glitter Party Photography

Childrens Glitter Party Photoshoot in our studio in Rotherham

Glitter parties are a fun, unique and memorable way to spend your special day. Great for family photos, birthdays, special milestones and celebrations!